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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Temporary CDP arrangements from 31 August 2020

CDP services are gradually returning to normal across all regions.

No suspensions or penalties are being applied to CDP job seekers for not meeting participation requirements.

CDP job seekers are required to report their income (including nil income) to Centrelink. For more information see: How to report and manage your payment.

Information for CDP participants

CDP services are increasing in all states and territories.

You can voluntarily attend appointments, update job plans and participate in activities on the phone, online, or face-to-face.

You are encouraged to continue to stay in touch with your CDP provider. They can support you to access a range of available help, including skills training, support for work preparation activities and referral to jobs and relevant support services.

If you are unwell or need to self-isolate, you should not attend any face-to-face activities or appointments and seek medical advice.

There will be no penalties and suspensions applied for non-attendance.

Face-to-face activities or appointments will be consistent with the direction of health authorities and consider state, territory or local community travel restrictions.

For more information contact your CDP provider.

Information for providers

Providers should stay up to date with the advice and directions of health authorities in the regions they service. Delivering CDP services must continue to follow advice published by the Australian Government Department of Health, Safe Work Australia, and by relevant state or territory health authorities.

All CDP providers have commenced offering increased CDP services.

You must:

  • Not apply any suspensions or penalties to job seekers.
  • Offer job seekers voluntary face-to-face services and group activities.
  • Continue to engage with job seekers to refresh job plans and ensure they understand what their requirements will be when services fully resume.
  • Ensure any services you deliver are consistent with advice from health authorities.

CDP providers should continue to work with communities to assess the suitability of face-to-face activities and seek to develop new opportunities tailored to local workforce needs.

If a job seeker is unwell or is required to self-isolate, they should self-isolate, not attend any face-to-face servicing and seek medical advice. Providers should advise job seekers accordingly and not take compliance action.

NIAA will advise in writing when CDP servicing levels can progress further.