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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Angkum IPA

Angkum Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) is on the east coast of Cape York Peninsula in Queensland’s tropical north. The IPA covers 9,180 hectares of steep rainforested slopes, which give way to coastal lagoons and beaches. It was dedicated in January 2013.

Angkum’s Traditional Owners are Pama Malngkana, or sand beach people. Their traditional lands include sea country that they have aspirations to add to their IPA following consultation with other stakeholders.

The IPA is within a region that has the highest bird and mammal diversity on Cape York. Birds of conservation significance include eclectus parrots, once thought to be two species as the female is red and the male is emerald green, and stately palm cockatoos. Also protected are strange looking Semon’s leaf-nosed bats, grey cuscuses and large, fruit eating cassowaries.

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