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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Goldfields Land Management Rangers

The Goldfields Land Management Rangers are based at Kalgoorlie, which is approximately 550 kilometres east of Perth. In accordance with their own aspirations, this Ranger Program enables the Aboriginal people of the Goldfields/Esperance regions to offer practical environmental services and solutions to industry and government in a responsive and efficient manner, whilst providing opportunities for employment and facilitating their ongoing and deep connection with Country.

The Ranger Program utilises local Aboriginal people with connection to Country who take great pride in their work, their country and their responsibilities in regards to its sustainable management and future viability; occurring within a situation in which there are growing pressures on the ecosystems and cultural values within it. The rangers’ services include, but are not limited to, biodiversity monitoring and research, environmental surveys and clearances, feral animal control and weed management, site remediation and rehabilitation, fire and tourism management, traditional knowledge transfer and school and educational programs.

The Ranger Program has successfully delivered projects in partnership and collaboratively with all tiers of Government, the mining sector, pastoral and agricultural sector, the CSIRO, and is always looking to establish new partnerships and expand its capabilities. Where there are existing gaps in technical areas, the Ranger Program will involve targeted partnerships with industry leaders.

WA - Central and Southern region
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