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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Torres Strait Islands Rangers

The Torres Strait lies between Australia's Cape York Peninsula and Papua New Guinea. It is home to three dedicated Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) and encompasses 14 Torres Strait Island community-based ranger groups on 13 island communities:

Torres Strait Ranger Groups

  • Erubam Rangers – Erub Island

  • Iamalgal Rangers – Iama Island

  • Mabuygiw Rangers – Mabuiag Island

  • Malu Kiai Rangers – Boigu Island

  • Masigalgal Rangers – Masig Island

  • Meriam Gesep Rangers – Mer Island

  • Mua Lagalgau Rangers – Moa Island

  • Mura Badhulgal Rangers – Badu Island

  • Mura Buway Rangers – Saibai Island

  • Porumalgal Rangers – Poruma Island

  • Simakal Rangers – Dauan Island

  • Ugaram Rangers – Ugar Island

  • Warraberalgal Rangers – Warraber Island

All Indigenous rangers in the Torres Strait Islands undertake environmental work on both sea and land, including conserving, surveying and monitoring significant terrestrial, cultural and marine environments. Activities include native seed collection, plant propagation, weed and feral animal control, traditional ecological knowledge, sustainable horticulture, seagrass and coral monitoring, cultural site protection, and marine debris management.

The rangers are also responsible for implementing the dugong and turtle community management plans. Dugong and turtle have very significant roles in Ailan Kustom (Island custom) and have been a traditional food source for thousands of years.

For communities in the Torres Strait, the land and sea are intrinsic to identity and the work of the rangers is in many ways about maintaining country, identity and culture. The Torres Strait Regional Authority recognises that it has a vital role to play, through its Land and Sea Management Unit, to help address and manage the many environmental issues, challenges and opportunities facing the region and individual communities.

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Warraberalgal Rangers on their land and sea country at dusk. Photo: © Nick Layne
Warraberalgal Rangers on their land and sea country at dusk. Photo: © Nick Layne