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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Mapoon Land and Sea Rangers

The Mapoon Land and Sea Rangers are responsible for the management of the traditional lands and seas of the Tjungundji people at Mapoon on Cape York Peninsula. In 1989, a Deed of Grant of Land in Trust covering 183,900 hectares was handed back to the Mapoon people by the Queensland Government.

The rangers work within the Western Cape York Peninsula beaches of north Queensland. This area is home to a nationally listed important wetland, as well as 18 threatened species and 75 listed marine species such as the flatback, green, olive ridley, and hawksbill marine turtles.

Mapoon Rangers undertake a range of environmental works, including the development of a traditional knowledge and cultural heritage geographic information system (GIS) database, weed and feral animal control, the protection and conservation of wetlands, controlling visitor access, reintroduction of traditional fire management, crocodile surveys and water quality monitoring.

Qld - Mainland northern region
Administration Organisation
Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council