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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Risdon Cove and putalina IPA and Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre Rangers

Lying on either side of Hobart, Risdon Cove and putalina (Oyster Cove) are important cultural and spiritual sites for the local Tasmanian Aboriginal community. Covering 120 hectares, they were dedicated as Indigenous Protected Areas in 1999.

A priority for the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre Rangers who manage these sites is to make them places where the Aboriginal community wants to spend time. This is achieved by restoring the cultural and natural landscape and by providing high quality visitor facilities.

Ranger land management activities include killing weeds such as periwinkle and blackberry and revegetating areas with native plants to help stop the weeds from re-establishing. The rangers are also trialling different burning methods to work out the best way to use fire to manage their land.

School holiday activities with kids from the Aboriginal Children’s Centre are also run to teach them about making bark canoes and huts, learn about bush foods and cook on the fire.

Administration Organisation
Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation
Risdon Cove. Photo: © Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation
Risdon Cove. Photo: © Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation