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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Tyrendarra IPA and Budj Bim Rangers

Tyrendarra Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) was dedicated in 2003. Covering 248 hectares it sits on Darlot Creek, a tributary of Lake Condah near Portland in the Victorian volcanic plain bioregion. Tyrendarra IPA forms part of the Budj Bim National Heritage Landscape, listed in 2004 for its significant Indigenous heritage values.

The IPA's ancient volcanic landscape was created by the spectacular eruption of Budj Bim (Mount Eccles) around 27,000 years ago. This region is a traditional meeting place and camping area for the Gunditjmara people and the land is part of major Dreaming trails and an important ceremonial site.

The Budj Bim Rangers manage the Indigenous values of the landscape, with an emphasis on reinstating the pre-1840 wetlands system, supporting the regrowth of the manna gum woodland and providing educational tourism ventures across the landscape.

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Administration Organisation
Winda Mara Aboriginal Corporation
(03) 5527 0000
Budj Bim Rangers collecting wattleseed. Photo: © Greg Shelton
Budj Bim Rangers collecting wattleseed. Photo: © Greg Shelton