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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Warul Kawa IPA

The small tropical island of Warul Kawa is the most north westerly island in the Torres Strait and was dedicated an IPA in 2000. Also known as Deliverance Island, the uninhabited sand cay is of spiritual and cultural significance to the Indigenous Western Island communities.

Warul Kawa IPA covers around 46 hectares of vegetated dunes, rainforest, and dense vine thickets. The IPA and its environs are important hunting and fishing grounds for the Traditional Owners, particularly the Boigu Island community.

Warul Kawa’s name means island of turtles and the island and surrounding reef support two internationally significant populations of sea turtles. It contains one of the largest rookeries for the flatback turtle, which is only found in Australian waters. The extensive shallow water habitats in the area support large numbers of migrating green turtles.

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