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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Yappala IPA

Situated in the southern Flinders Ranges, the Yappala Indigenous Protected Area was dedicated in 2013, and covers 10,886 hectares. The area features acacia shrub lands, open eucalyptus woodlands, the imposing Yappala Range and the artefact-rich floodplains along Hookina Creek.

Yappala Country is rich in Indigenous heritage and has many sites, including rock shelters, stone artefacts, ochre quarries, and culturally modified trees, which are State Heritage listed. Thirty two archaeological sites have been recorded and are very important for Adnyamathanha as they provide valuable insights into the lives of warumathanha (ancestors), and connections with nguthuna (creation stories).

The Yappala Rangers are based near Hawker in the Southern Flinders Ranges of South Australia. They are responsible for fencing and feral animal control, protecting the vulnerable yellow-footed rock-wallaby and identifying and protecting important cultural heritage sites.

Administration Organisation
Aboriginal Lands Trust of South Australia
Yappala Ranger Team Photo © Chris Rains
Yappala Ranger Team Photo © Chris Rains