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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Indigenous voice

The Australian Government has commenced a co-design process to develop models for an Indigenous voice at a local, regional and national level.

We want to hear from the broadest range of people and of as many ideas as possible.

Right across Australia, Indigenous Australians are working tirelessly to build strong futures for their families and communities.

It’s important that these people who care the most, and know their communities best, have a say in decision-making – we know we get better results when they do.

The Australian Government wants to hear your views, concerns and ideas, and those of your communities, so you can influence decisions about matters that are important to your daily lives.

The co-design process will consist of two stages to develop and refine models to enhance local and regional decision making and a national voice.

  • Stage One - two co-design groups (Local & Regional and National), will develop models and option to improve local and regional decision-making and a national voice.
  • Stage Two - consultation and engagement to refine models and options with Indigenous leaders, communities and stakeholders across the country.

The Australian Government is seeking to build on existing successful arrangements and work.

Minister Wyatt media release 30 October 2019 - A voice for Indigenous Australians

Timeline and process for co-design to develop models for an Indigenous voice to governments at a local, regional and national level.

Senior Advisory Group

A Senior Advisory Group will assist, guide and oversee the co-design process for both a national voice and options to enhance local and regional decision making.

Members of the Senior Advisory Group have been appointed by Minister for Indigenous Australians, the Hon Ken Wyatt AM MP, with the advice and input of the Group co-chairs, Professor Dr Marcia Langton AM and Professor Tom Calma AO.

Professor Dr Langton is a previous member of the Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians (2012) and has been appointed as the first Associate Provost at the University of Melbourne.

Professor Calma is the Chancellor of the University of Canberra and has previously served as the Race Discrimination Commissioner and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner. 

The Senior Advisory Group provided advice on the establishment of the two co-design groups who will develop the options and models to be tested.

Minister Wyatt media release 8 November 2019 - Voice Co-Design Senior Advisory Group

  • Professor Tom Calma AO
  • Professor Dr Marcia Langton AM
  • Ms Geraldine Atkinson
  • Professor Fr Frank Brennan SJ AO
  • Ms Marcia Ella-Duncan OAM
  • Ms Joanne Farrell
  • Mr Mick Gooda
  • Mr Chris Kenny
  • Cr Vonda Malone
  • Ms Alison Page
  • Mr Noel Pearson
  • Mr Benson Saulo
  • Ms Pat Turner AM
  • Professor Maggie Walter
  • Mr Tony Wurramarrba
  • Mr Peter Yu
  • Dr Galarrwuy Yunupingu AM

Co-design groups

A Local & Regional Co-Design Group and a National Co-Design Group will develop models and options for elements of a local, regional and national Indigenous voice.

The Minister announced the establishment of the National Co-design Group on 15 January 2020 and the Local & Regional Co-Design Group on 4 March 2020. Full membership includes:

National Co-Design Group

  • Dr Donna Odegaard AM (Co-chair)
  • Mr Ray Griggs AO, CSC (NIAA Co-chair)
  • The Hon Fred Chaney AO
  • Ms Zell Dodd
  • Mr Joseph Elu AO
  • Ms Katrina Fanning PSM
  • Mr Damian Griffis
  • Mr Steve Wanta Patrick Jampijinpa
  • The Hon Jeff Kennett  AC
  • Professor Cheryl Kickett-Tucker
  • Ms Kristal Kinsela-Christie
  • Mr Jamie Lowe
  • Ms Fiona McLeod AO SC
  • Professor Gracelyn Smallwood AM
  • Mr Marcus Stewart
  • Mr Richard Weston

Local & Regional Co-Design Group

  • Professor Peter Buckskin PSM (Co-chair)
  • Ms Letitia Hope (NIAA Co-chair)
  • Ms Isabelle Adams
  • Cr Ross Andrews
  • Ms Ruth Davys
  • Ms Triscilla Holborow
  • Mr Paul House
  • Mr Chris Ingrey
  • Ms Fiona Jose
  • Cr Getano Lui Jr AM
  • Mr Albert McNamara
  • Mr Wayne Miller
  • Ms Karen Milward
  • Ms Lavene Ngatokorua
  • Ms Vicki O’Donnell
  • Dr Aden Ridgeway
  • Ms Marion Scrymgour

How to get involved

There will be opportunities to engage throughout the co-design process. Opportunities and events will be promoted on this webpage and via the regular newsletter and social media channels. 

You can also email your ideas regarding the process to us at

Or you can contact your local NIAA Regional Network Office.


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