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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

ABA Homelands Project


The ABA Homelands Project is a $40 million investment to improve living conditions in homelands (or outstations) in the Northern Territory. The Project has grown out of the ABA Advisory Committee’s Investing in Country and Culture proposal.

The Project

The Project provides a one-off infrastructure investment in selected homelands. The Project is community-driven with an emphasis on consulting with homelands residents to learn what forms of investment they see as most beneficial for their homelands. The Project consults with other sources of assistance to homelands, such as the NT Government’s Municipal and Essential Services (MES) program, so that the investment is not duplicated.

The Project is being delivered in three stages:


  • Stage 1. Consultation: the four Northern Territory land councils will identify and consult with selected homelands in their region. Land councils will assist homelands residents to submit proposals for the Project.
  • Stage 2. Assessment: each proposal will be assessed against benefit, need and capacity criteria by the Agency, then the ABA Advisory Committee and finally the Minister who is the delegate.
  • Stage 3. Delivery: local Indigenous providers – with a preference for Municipal and Essential Services providers – will be approached to submit an application to deliver approved proposals.

a photo showing local employees working on a construction project

When will consultations occur?

The Project is well into the consultation stage. The Tiwi Land Council has consulted and submitted proposals for all the Tiwi homelands involved in the Project. The other three land councils will have completed this process by the end of the year.

Some examples of what will be covered

  • New and upgraded essential services infrastructure (electricity, water, sewerage).
  • Upgrades and repairs to roads, bridges, etc.
  • New or upgraded radio and mobile phone infrastructure.
  • New or upgraded communal buildings.
  • Training for the use and maintenance of infrastructure that has been delivered under the Project.

Some examples of what will not be covered

  • Creation of new homelands.
  • New housing or house upgrades/repairs.
  • Vehicles and machinery for personal use.

How to find out more

To learn more about the ABA Homelands Project call 1800 354 612 or email

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