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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Contract-Based Assessment

Contract details are sourced from AusTender and are uploaded into the Indigenous Procurement Policy Reporting Solution (IPPRS) on a nightly basis.

The majority of the AusTender details about the contract are recorded in the IPPRS, with the exception of the standing offer notice (SON), approaches to market (ATM) and confidentiality information.

During the upload process, the IPPRS determines the contract type, based on the contract start date, value, the industry sector and the indigeneity of the organisation awarded the contract.

Each contract is assigned an initial contract type, based on the following criteria:

  1. Standard Mandatory Minimum Requirements (MMR): the contract matches the MMR criteria defined by the policy, based on the contract start date, value and the industry sector derived from the AusTender category or by a manual update of the Industry Sector.
  2. IBC (Indigenous Business Contract): the contract is made with a recognised Indigenous business and MMR reporting is not required. The contract counts towards the portfolio target for contracts made with Indigenous business.
  3. Non-IPP: A contract that meets none of the above conditions. The contract type could be changed to one of the MMR contract types if the industry sector or value change, or the organisation is identified as an Indigenous business.

Contracts are linked to the organisation that won the contract, the awarding agency and portfolio.

Contract variations from AusTender (changes in value, end date and organisation) are linked to the parent (original) contract record in the IPPRS and the contract data is updated to reflect the latest variation. 

Once the contract is uploaded into the IPPRS, the contract type may be changed by the awarding agency (if it is not a standard MMR contract) to one of the following types:

  1. Non-standard MMR: the contract does not match the standard MMR criteria, however the contractor agreed in the contract to comply with a level of stated performance and to be assessed against that performance. The workforce and / or supply targets for the contract do not need to equal or exceed the minimum MMR target set for the financial year. 
  2. Voluntary Reporting: the contract has no MMR performance targets and will not be assessed, however the contractor has agreed to report on Indigenous business supply chain and / or employment via the quarterly performance reporting process (QPR). 

MMR Reporting and Assessment

The image below shows the overall reporting and assessment process for contracts that are subject to MMR. This process is known as the MMR Contract Management and Assessment process. Note that some the contract actions can be taken by either the Agency contract managers or by you.


As a representative of the organisation awarded the contract, you will primarily be involved in the preparation of quarterly performance reports for your contracts and acknowledging the agency’s assessment of your compliance with the MMR.  You may also be responsible for entering the MMR assessment criteria, performance targets and contractor contacts for your contracts.

When these actions are due, a link to the contact will appear in your To Do list and you will also receive an email. To open a contract, click on the link in the list to view the contract information