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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Getting Started


Before using the IPP Contractor Portal (Contractor Portal) it is recommended that you view the following links to obtain an understanding of the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) and the Contractor Portal:

Online Help Icons

Help icons are located throughout the online help and their meaning is explained below:

Title: Tip icon - Description: Orange tip icon to provide the user with tips and hints to assist them useful tips and hints on a topic.

Title: Note icon - Description: Green note icon to explain further information to the user further notes on a topic.

Title: Warning icon - Description: Red warning icon to provide the user with a warning not to do something or consider the consequences warning to the user about proceeding with an action.

Title: Result icon - Description: Result icon to show the user the result of a step performed the result of finalising an action.

Web Pages

Clicking on a hyperlink opens a book of web pages providing users with a table of contents and a breadcrumb trail to navigate to other sections of the online help. The book of web pages also provides links to the National Indigenous Australians Agency website. The image below highlights the components of the Contractor Portal Online Help home page.

  1. Home: click to navigate to the National Indigenous Australians Agency website.
  2. Search: click to search for content within the NIAA website.
  3. Breadcrumb navigation: click on the breadcrumb link to navigate to a particular topic within the book of web pages.
  4. Navigation pane: click a link within the navigation pane to view the online help for that topic.
  5. Contact Us: find out how to get in touch with the NIAA.