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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Laynhapuy IPA and Yirralka Rangers

Located in north-east Arnhem Land, the Laynhapuy area is home to Yolngu people who continue to live on their lands, maintain their culture and use traditional knowledge to manage their country. Oral histories and art include stories of contact with Macassan traders from eastern Indonesia long before Europeans set foot on the continent.

Dedicated in 2006, the 690,000 hectare Laynhapuy Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) protects threatened species, internationally significant wetlands and coastal landforms. The Yirralka Rangers undertake natural and cultural resource management activities within the Laynhapuy IPA under the guidance of Traditional Owners.

The Yirralka Rangers' work includes managing access to culturally significant sites, removing marine debris, surveying and controlling feral buffalo and pigs, surveying and controlling weed infestations, monitoring endangered marine turtles and dugongs, protecting turtle nesting areas, and implementing a fire management programme. 

NT - Arnhem Land region
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Administration Organisation
Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation
Monitoring fishing activity. Photo © Yirralka Rangers
Monitoring fishing activity. Photo © Yirralka Rangers