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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

First Commonwealth Closing the Gap Implementation Plan

First Commonwealth Closing the Gap Implementation Plan

Indigenous Affairs Closing the Gap
Thursday, 05 August 2021

National Indigenous Australians Agency

Australian Government Closing the Gap Commonwealth Implementation Plan

The Commonwealth is turning the National Agreement on Closing the Gap commitments into meaningful action.

The Commonwealth Closing the Gap Implementation Plan includes more than $1 billion in new measures across a range of Commonwealth programs and strategies.

The Plan was developed by Ministers and Commonwealth agencies  with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partners including the Coalition of Peaks.

The Plan sets the foundation to achieve the four Priority Reforms and the 17 socio-economic targets in the National Agreement over the coming decade.

The Plan includes new investment and initiatives in areas that are new to this National Agreement and require early action – such as the Priority Reforms, justice and languages targets.

There is further investment in areas the evidence suggests will make the biggest difference over the long term. Areas include funding for early childhood, supporting vulnerable families, education and addressing alcohol and other drug issues.

States and territories, the Coalition of Peaks and the Australian Local Government Association will deliver their own implementation plans. Together with the Commonwealth’s Plan, they detail a full picture of the national effort being delivered under the partnership.

The Productivity Commission will track progress through an online dashboard, an annual data compilation report and undertake a detailed review every three years.  There will also be an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led review every three years to better understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' experiences of change.

To remain accountable and to continually realign efforts to what works, the Commonwealth will report on their progress and update the plan annually.

The National Indigenous Australians Agency will continue to support the Minister for Indigenous Australians in his role coordinating implementation of Closing the Gap across the Commonwealth.

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