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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Aboriginals Benefit Account funding overview

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Monday, 02 July 2018
Publication author(s):
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Publication abstract:

An overview of items that the the Aboriginals Benefit Account (ABA) does and does not fund.

Key principles of ABA Grant Funding

  • Proposals must be for the benefit of Indigenous residents of the NT.
  • Funding is for one-off projects that have a start and end date.
  • ABA does not fund ongoing projects, with the exception of support for land councils to deliver funerals and ceremonial support.
  • Applications that support participation of Aboriginal controlled organisations that are based in the NT will be looked upon favourably.
  • Applications that support employment of Indigenous Australians will be looked upon favourably. 
  • Activities that should be funded through mainstream funding, such as government funding, are not eligible.
  • Business proposals need to verify their financial viability by obtaining Indigenous Business Australia’s (IBA) independent opinion.
  • Land acquisition proposals should be supported by independent opinion from the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC).

Examples of what ABA has been funding

  • Aboriginal controlled organisations based in the NT.
  • Applicants that request funding for Indigenous positions.
  • Business applications that IBA assess as viable.
  • Business applications that are further enhanced by applicants demonstrating commitment through co-contribution.
  • Applicants that can demonstrate their ability to deliver their proposal.
  • Projects that demonstrate they are not the responsibility of mainstream funding.

Examples of what ABA has NOT been funding

  • Proposals that do not clearly address the selection criteria.
  • Projects that do not have an end date.
  • Services and capital works that should be delivered via existing government funding.
  • Business proposals that cannot demonstrate viability.
  • Pilot projects that do not demonstrate a pathway to transition to a programme if successful.
  • Sole traders that propose to purchase significant assets but do not address how the asset will be managed post project or in the event of project failure.
  • Applications that cannot demonstrate support from those who are intended to benefit.
  • Research and conferences that are not linked to tangible outcomes for Indigenous Territorians.
  • Proposals that are for investment purposes.
  • Rangers. Ranger groups are encouraged to apply for funding from the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS).

For more information you can contact the ABA team on 1800 354 612 or email

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