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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

COAG Reporting Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policies and Outcomes

Indigenous AffairsEconomic DevelopmentIndigenous Procurement Policy
Thursday, 20 August 2020
Publication author(s):
National Indigenous Australians Agency
Publication abstract:

In February 2018, COAG committed to publish annually jurisdictional-specific Indigenous employment and supplier use policies and performance on the COAG website. This was also included in the related COAG Communique.

Governments have the ability to provide significant business and employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Islander people by leveraging the purchasing power of their procurement activity.

They can also increase employment directly via public sector employment policies.

This reporting framework is intended to help track policies, activities, agreements and outcomes in these areas. Rather than publish annually this framework enables up to date reporting on the current policies and outcomes across each jurisdiction based on their respective reporting cycles.

There are three tables: the first outlines procurement policies and outcomes; the second outlines policies and outcomes for Intergovernmental agreements; and the third details public sector employment policies and outcomes.

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