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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Social Return on Investment – Consolidated report on Indigenous Protected Areas

Indigenous AffairsEnvironmentIndigenous Protected AreasEvaluations and Evidence
Friday, 06 May 2016
Publication author(s):
Social Ventures Australia
Publication abstract:

A recent report on five Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) and associated ranger programmes found success across a broad range of outcomes, including improving Indigenous disadvantage.

The report found that IPA and Working on Country (WoC) programmes are:

  • Engaging Indigenous Australians in meaningful employment to achieve large scale conservation outcomes.

  • Facilitating reconnection with country, culture and language to achieve exceptional levels of engagement among Indigenous Australians which is driving positive social, economic, cultural and environmental outcomes.

  • Helping to catalyse the development of an Indigenous land and sea based economy, empowering Indigenous landowners to manage their country in accordance with their priorities.

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