Figure 3.7: Indigenous governance arrangements to set priorities and make decisions for the region

Figure 3.7 is a diagram depicting four levels of Indigenous governance to set priorities in the region.

At the first level are 'negotiation representatives', who negotiate development accords and delivery plans with government at the negotiation table.

The second level depicts the 'leadership group', which develops accords and delivery plan proposals; reports downwards to, and works inside-out with, opt-in organisations; directs the backbone organisation; and monitors implementation.

The third level shows a 'backbone organisation', which provides a secretariat for the leadership group; coordinates and manages data; administers the opt-in process; and drafts regional agreements.

Finally, at the fourth level are the 'opt-in organisations'—local Indigenous organisations—which are signed up to the first priorities agreement and the Indigenous Empowerment policy, and which create development agendas.