Figure 6.1: Key components of the Empowered Communities monitoring and evaluation framework

Figure 6.1 is a diagram depicting a sequence of processes across the top: 1. Establish a baseline; 2. Analyse data and synthesise recommendations; 3. Make data-driven decisions; 4. Share progress and best practice; and 5. Build local capacity.

The diagram further shows the core elements of the monitoring and evaluation framework: federal and state governments (on one side of the negotiation table) and Indigenous governance structure (on the other side) are able to review progress, update delivery plans and make funding recommendations at the negotiation table.

Supporting this structure (linked by arrows showing the flow of information sharing and accountability) is a central monitoring and evaluation coordinator (located within the Empowered Communities central team and accountable to Indigenous governance leaders) who receives input from external subject matter experts, obtains network learnings from Empowered Communities regions and receives input and accountability from backbone organisations (and their local knowledge manager), which work with regional organisations through a rapid feedback loop.