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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

NIAA Gifts and Benefits Register

In accordance with the Australian Public Service Commission  all NIAA Officials must not accept gifts or benefits which might reasonably be seen to compromise their integrity.

All accepted gifts and benefits (and valued at over $AUD100), must be publicly disclosed, through this page and on quarterly basis.

NIAA Gifts Policy states ‘gifts or benefits greater than $100 must be registered on the NIAA ‘Gifts and Benefits Register’.

The following register includes accepted gifts or benefits received or given from November 2019 to January 2020 included.

Date received /given Description – Gift item / benefit service Received by (agency contact if not received directly by agency head) Presented by (giver’s name, organisation/country) Occasion Estimate or Actual value in $AUD


Indigenous printed items.

Multiple organisations attending the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Workshop in Paris.

NIAA Policy and Programs

OECD Workshop on Linking Indigenous Communities to Regional Economies



Various promotional items.

NIAA DCEO Policy and Programs

Manchester University Museum  Aboriginal Business Council of Canada

Repatriation Ceremony at the Australian High Commission in London