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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

NIAA celebrates World Ranger Day

NIAA celebrates World Ranger Day

Indigenous Affairs Environment Indigenous Rangers - Working on Country
Wednesday, 31 July 2019

National Indigenous Australians Agency

At right is image of rainforest in foreground and sea and sky in the background. At left are the words: World Ranger Day.

World Ranger Day supports rangers’ work across the globe in environmental restoration and education.

Recognised on 31 July each year, it also pays tribute to rangers who have lost their lives while at work.

Indigenous rangers all over the world combine traditional knowledge with conservation training to protect and manage land, waters and culture.

Across Australia, the Australian Government supports more than 2,900 Indigenous ranger (and related) jobs to manage land and sea Country. Indigenous rangers support many of Australia’s Indigenous Protected Areas, which covers more than 65 million hectares, an area bigger than France.

Our Indigenous rangers play an important role in natural resource management, including restoring rivers, preserving threatened species and controlling feral animals.

The National Indigenous Australians Agency funds Indigenous ranger and Indigenous Protected Area projects through the Indigenous Advancement Strategy. The National Indigenous Australians Agency supports 123 ranger groups nationally.

Find out more about the work of Indigenous Rangers.