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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

White Paper on Developing Northern Australia: Prescribed Bodies Corporate Capacity Building funding program

Program 1.1 - Jobs, Land and Economy
Activity type: 
June 2020
Last updated: 
5th October 2021

Under the Native Title Act 1993 (NTA) Prescribed Bodies Corporates (PBCs) are formed to represent Traditional Owner Groups once a native title determination is made. As part of the Government’s response to the Our North, Our Future: White Paper on Developing Northern Australia the Government established the PBC Capacity Building grant funding program to support PBCs to build their capacity and generate economic benefits through the effective and sustainable management of their land. The funding has been ongoing since the 2015-16 financial year.

This evaluation aims to assess the extent to which the PBC capacity building grants program has achieved its intended outcomes of building organisational capacity, increasing capacity of PBCs to take advantage of economic opportunities, and effective native title decision making. The evaluation will also seek to establish a measure of PBCs’ capacity for evaluations of this ongoing program into the future by developing a methodology to assess PBCs’ capacity and needs.