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Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

National Roadmap for Indigenous Skills, Jobs and Wealth Creation

The National Roadmap for Indigenous Skills, Jobs and Wealth Creation (The National Roadmap) will provide a long-term commitment and organising framework to implement actions that increase economic opportunity for Indigenous Australians.

It will ensure Indigenous Australians contribute to the economic recovery and longer-term nation building.

It will be organised around three domains: Skills, Jobs and Business, and identify priority actions across short (1-2 years), medium (3-5 years) and long-term (5-10 year) timeframe.

The National Roadmap will focus on connecting Indigenous Australians to opportunities in a range of industries including the:

  • Primary sector - agriculture , forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, and resources and energy.
  • Manufacturing sector - linked to our comparative advantages in the primary sector, space and defence industries, and niche high-value activities such as medical products.
  • Services sector – local services such as education and health, construction, land, water and sea management, and higher value knowledge-intensive professional services.

A range of enabling factors will be covered, including employment services, skills and training arrangements, capital access for Indigenous entrepreneurs, and the commercial activities of Indigenous rights and interests to achieve locally-driven economic development. The National Roadmap will have a strong focus on ensuring mainstream consideration of Indigenous interests and perspectives.

This will be based on a partnership between governments, industry and Indigenous Australians, and will complement the implementation of the National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

Why a National Roadmap

As the economy starts to recover from COVID-19, now is the time to match this effort with actions developed with industry that target Indigenous jobs and wealth, by building skills and increasing the number of Indigenous businesses.

The Indigenous population is comparatively younger, growing faster and critical to future local labour supply, particularly for many regional economies. There are many success stories of Indigenous Australians in the economy – but barriers have meant the success is not broad or deep enough to drive a sustained change in economic outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

The National Roadmap will focus on ensuring Indigenous Australians fully contribute to economic recovery and future nation building. The vision for the National Roadmap is a set of agreed actions, spanning the years ahead, through which the Australian Government – as well as business, industry, and state and territory governments working together to create Indigenous jobs and wealth.

Industry roundtables

On 24 August 2021, the Hon Ken Wyatt AM, Minister for Indigenous Australians, launched a series of industry roundtables to shape the new National Roadmap.

The roundtables will be held throughout August and September 2021 bringing together Indigenous representative bodies and entrepreneurs, business chambers and big business, employee groups, tertiary education and service providers and respective Commonwealth departments and agencies. The conversations at these roundtables will be guided by a Discussion Paper which provides evidence and analysis to inform the development of the National Roadmap. Concurrently, a small group of Industry Champions – Indigenous and non-Indigenous – will work closely with Minister Wyatt to support the National Roadmap’s development.

Industry Champions involved in the roundtable launch:

  • Ms Jennifer Westacott, Chief Executive of the Business Council of Australia
  • Ms Tania Constable PSM, Chief Executive of the Minerals Council of Australia
  • Mr Innes Willox, Chief Executive of the Australian Industry Group
  • Dr Brendan Nelson, President of Boeing Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific
  • Ms Lara Watson, Australian Council of Trade Unions
  • Ms Jenny Lambert, Employment & Skills Director, Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Mr Adam Boyton, National Skills Commissioner
  • Mr Darren Godwell, CEO i2i Global
  • Ms Mikaela Jade, Founder and CEO Indigitel
  • Mr Shane Fields, Managing Director of Fields Group
  • Mr Neville Power, Chairman of Perth Airport
  • Mr Tom Harley, Chief Executive Officer of Sydney Swans
  • Ms Carolyn McCann, Group Executive at Westpac
  • Ms Jo Boundy, Chief Marketing Officer of Qantas Group
  • Mr Jeff Maguire, Group Head of CDS Implementation at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Australia
  • Ms Kate Carnell, Former Australian Small Business & Family Enterprise Ombudsman



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