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Monday, 26 Jul 2021

Changes to the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) Grant Guidelines

Changes to the Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) Grant Guidelines

The Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) Grant Guidelines have changed to align with the Government’s Streamlining Government Grants Administration agenda.

These changes took effect 26 July 2021 and make it easier for organisations to apply for funding. The new guidelines:

  • Are easier to read – The new Grant Opportunity Guidelines (GOGs) will be on the whole-of-Government template and will use the same terminology as other Australian Government agencies. This will mean that the GOGs format and language will be familiar whenever you apply for funding from an Australian Government agency.
  • Are easier to understand and program requirements – Instead of an overarching set of IAS Guidelines, each funding opportunity will have its own GOGs. Each set of GOGs will provide detailed information about the specific funding opportunity and the criteria to be addressed - this should make it easier to decide whether to apply for funding.
  • Give preference to fund suitable Indigenous organisations – a framework is clearly outlined in the GOGs to give preference for funding to organisations with the highest level of Indigenous involvement. This supports our commitment to working with Indigenous Australians to maximise their influence over the design and implementation of grant-funded activities that are intended to benefit them.

For more information, visit the Indigenous Advancement Strategy webpage.

If you are interested in applying for IAS funding, go to GrantConnect.

You can also contact your local NIAA Regional Office.

If you submitted an application for funding before this change took place, your application will be assessed against the guidelines that were in effect when it was lodged. No further action should be required unless the NIAA contacts you for more information.

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